my body tells me no

but i won't quit

'cause i want more

Kenny McCormick. 17.
I like tits and dick and ass.

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/returns the kiss fervently, running his hands from his chest to his waist, gripping tightly

/pulls back from the kiss just slightly

Looks like I’m gonna have to start feeding you again. You’re getting too skinny.

You worry too much. Haven’t died yet, have I?

/pulls him back into the kiss, his free hand reaching down to palm at Craig’s dick through his jeans

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/takes a step closer to him

Go on, then. I’m waiting. 

/grins down at him, stuffing his hands into his pocket

/gives him a grin of his own as he pulls his shirt over his head

/places a hand on the back of Craig’s neck and pulls him down into a kiss

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Hey, if you’re willing, I’d love to watch the show. 


You and I both know I’m always willing to get naked.

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No, no, I do. Trust me, I always think you look good. Especially without any clothes on~.

You want me to take ‘em off, then? Because I can definitely deliver.

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/laughs quietly

Look at you, McCormick. Always full of shit. 

/bites his bottom lip

Thanks, man.

What, you don’t think so? Asshole.~

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Tell me about it. You, uh… you look good.

No shit. I always look good.

You look good too, dude.

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craigsbigdick replied to your post: Hey, dickhead.
So, uh… long time, no see, dude.

You kidding? It’s been a fuckin’ day.

craigsbigdick sent: Hey, dickhead.

Hey, asshole.


Craig let his eyes slide closed when he felt Kenny’s lips on his own again - fuck, how long had it really been? Weeks? Months? It felt like years were melting away as he slid his fingers around the back of his neck, gripping at the soft flesh he found there. He let his fingers trail upwards, tangling them in tufts of Kenny’s blonde mane. “Your hair looks like shit,” he finally managed after a particularly lengthy kiss. “Let me cut it for you.”

Kenny let a smile manifest on his face as Craig slid his fingers through locks of too-long blonde hair. His hair always looked like shit to an extent - either he waited too long between cuts or let Karen use it as a canvas (one side would, inevitably, end up shorter than the other) - but even he had to admit that this time, it was especially bad. His lips found Craig’s a second time, and he offered up a nod of agreement. “Yeah. Just don’t go too crazy with the scissors, dipshit.”

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You’re welcome, Colonel Dick.

/laughs and presses a kiss you his forehead

Ouch. I’m so insulted.

/grins and pulls him down for a kiss on the lips

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